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Aladdins Cave Jewellery Ltd

0.7ct Oval Cut Solitaire cathedral ring in Titanium or White Gold - Moissanite or Simulated diamond

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Ring size

This beautiful solitaire ring has a Oval cut stone measuring 5x7mm (0.7ct)

Due to its cathedral setting, this ring can be worn with most simular band rings perfectly flush

The band measures 2mm wide.

We offer different stone and metal choices, please take a look at the below information:



Simulated diamonds: These are made from corundum (man made white sapphire), these are made to look like natural diamond to the human eye. They are brilliant white in colour, very sparkly and very durable. They are to be considered a very good upgrade from other stones like CZ.

Moissanite: This type of stone is well known for its extreme sparkle and durability, since its the only stone which is closest to natural diamond in hardness. This stone is perfect if you are looking for a stone which will last forever, is conflict free and which looks the real thing. Moissanite used will be D-E White with VVS1 Clarity, the best available.


Metals available:

White gold filled: 18K Gold Filled jewellery is a long lasting and economical way to enjoy gold without the huge price tag and is usually considered a lifetime piece of jewellery. Filled gold jewellery looks exactly the same as solid gold but is less expensive due to less gold being used. It is also durable in the sense that it will not flake, peel, or wear easily.

Titanium: Why choose titanium rather than silver or gold? Titanium requires literally no maintenance at all, wear it day and night, expose it so all liquids, wear it at work - It will last forever. You will never need to remove this ring from your finger. It is extremely hard wearing and is very difficult to scratch The titanium I use looks the same colour as white gold and platinum - the photos on this listing are taken of a titanium piece.