What are the simulated diamonds made from? 

There are many different types of simulated diamonds in the market, the most common is cubic zirconia, however we use corundum which is a very tough and durable stone with the same appearance as diamond to the human eye. We guarantee 100% top quality, these stones will last for decades and will not become cloudy over time. We have been using these stones for many years now with no complaints.

Sizing details

Whilst we are based in the UK, most of our customers use USA sizing as standard. If you require help converting your size into a US size, please contact us. Alternatively, we display a size conversion chart on most of our listing photos.

If you are unsure of your required size, it is best to have your finger professionally checked. Alternatively you can purchase rigid hoop style sizers cheaply online. If you have a current ring which fits you, simply measure the inner diameter (in mm's) and provide it to us. We can help to convert it to a size for you.
We advise to avoid measuring your finger with string or paper as this method is highly inaccurate.


Care instructions

This metal requires zero maintenance and you will not need to remove it at any time. Warm water, dish washing liquid and a small fine brush is the best method to clean this metal.

Sterling silver and gold filled:
To help to prolong the finish try to avoid wearing your jewellery whilst bathing and never wear whilst swimming since it will deteriorate the outer rhodium finish (used to prevent tarnishing).
To clean, silver or gold soaking solution and a fine microfibre cloth works very well.


What packaging will my purchase be sent in?

All purchases will be packaged into padded envelopes.
The package will be discreet and will not mention our company name.
Customs declarations be declared as 'fashion accessory'.

Purchases are neatly inserted into gift pouches or small navy gift boxes depending on the item.


Can you engrave?

Whilst most of our jewellery can be engraved, unfortunately we do not offer an engraving service at the moment.


Lab gems vs natural gems?

We offer a variety of both lab created and natural gems.
Lab created gems have the same properties and appearance as natural gems.

Generally a lab created gem would look the same as a top quality natural gem, with VVS1 to flawless clarity but at a fraction of the cost. By purchasing lab gems you can make an affordable purchase without compromising quality.
Whilst natural gems are beautiful, they can be very expensive.

All of our natural gems are hand picked, we do not work with SI or lower gems so you can rest assured that only the highest quality gemstones are used in our jewellery. 

If you don't see a particular stone variation for an item you like, please message us as we can offer almost any stones in any of our items.


What grade of titanium is used?

Grade 2 titanium is used in the majority of our work, this has proven to be the best to work with in our experience.
Titanium is a very similar colour to white gold and platinum.

All our titanium rings are hypoallergenic (suitable for those with sensitive skin and nickel allergies)


What is filled gold?

Filled gold is the highest form of gold plating.

This term should not be confused with regular gold plating as gold filled items have a far higher amount of gold applied (at least 5% of the total item weight).  It will not flake, peel or not change colour if the correct care is given.

The gold layers are usually applied over sterling silver, surgical steel or titanium depending on the design. Please note that if sterling silver is used as the core metal, your item will be stamped with 925.

This is a very durable and affordable option but as mentioned, correct care must be given. Avoid wearing if you are going to be doing any activities which could damage the ring and never wear whilst swimming.