Resizing Service

If you have purchased a ring and have made an error with sizing, please don't worry. We offer a resizing service for all of our items. 

Inside your package we include a resizing form. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the form and return it to us along with your item/s which need altering.

Some metals can be resized or altered, whereas some cannot. If your item cannot be altered due to its design or metal, we will simply make a completely new ring for you at no additional cost. 


We use a very simple pricing guide for resizing PER ITEM:

Plain wedding bands (no stones): £15 GBP

Rings with stones (engagement, eternity) : £25 GBP

The above costs include the cost of resizing and P&P to return it to you. 


Resizing takes approximately 5-7 working days to complete.