Finger Sizing Guide

Don't know your own or a loved ones finger size? Perhaps you're planning a gift but don't want to ruin the surprise? 

The best way to obtain a finger size is to purchase our sizer here below:

Click here!


Alternatively, some good ideas, but not always 100% accurate are:


Borrow a ring from your recipient and take it to a jewellers for it to be sized.

Alternatively you can measure the inner diameter area within the ring and convert the measurement in mm's to your required size using our conversion chart. Remember that this measurement should not include the thickness of the ring metal.


Use your own finger:

Slide a ring that the recipient already wears onto your own and mark with a pen where it gets stuck. Take it to a jeweller and you'll get a very close size.


Methods you should NOT use:

Paper or string, wrapped around your finger, measuring the length and convert.

This is highly inaccurate as the paper/string will never keep a true circular form round your finger, it will also not take into account the need to pass over your knuckle either.

Using a plastic belt type sizer, usually offered for free by some jewellers is inaccurate too. This has the same issue as above and will not give a true measurement.


Extra points to consider:

Wider rings fit tighter!

If you measure your finger with a thin ring sizer, but purchase an 8mm wide ring for example, this will fit tighter than a narrower ring would. You will need to order a slightly larger size. Usually 1/4-1/2US size up does the trick.

Comfort fit vs regular fit: As comfort fit rings are rounded on the inside which makes them very comfortable to wear, they are measured from the very center of the inside of the ring and therefore measuring slightly looser than a regular fit ring would. Therefore we recommend if purchasing a comfort fit ring 5mm wide or larger, to order 1/4 US size smaller than required.


We hope this guide helps.