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Aladdins Cave Jewellery Ltd

Man made diamond round & marquise solitaire engagement ring available in Sterling Silver or White Gold Filled

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Here is a beautiful engagement ring with man made diamond simulants set.

The main stone measures 5mm in diameter and is round brilliant cut.
Three marquise cut accent stones are set into each side of the band, each measuring 1.5x3mm.

Band width: 1.7mm
Setting height: 4mm
Setting width: 5mm (widest point)

The diamond simulants used are the perfect, conflict free alternative to regular diamonds. Not only are the affordable, they are extremely durable too. These are not to be mistaken with low quality stones such as Cz, these are in fact made from man made corundum (also known as sapphire) which is a fantastic stone I have been using for many years.

The band width is 2mm

This ring is available in either Sterling silver or in 18ct white gold filled, please select which material you would like when purchasing:

White gold filled:
18K Gold Filled jewellery is a long lasting and economical way to enjoy gold without the huge price tag and is usually considered a lifetime piece of jewellery.
Filled gold jewellery looks exactly the same as solid gold but is a lot less expensive since the core metal used is silver, which then has the white gold finish applied over.

Silver is a widely used material and its very popular due to also not having a huge price tag.
This material lasts a very long time and requires very little maintenance.
Many people choose this material if they experience allergic reactions with other metals.

Please contact me if you have any questions, thanks!